Total Knee Replacement Surgery

When non-surgical treatment for your knee arthritis is no longer effective, I will discuss with you the role of a total knee replacement.

The decision to proceed with surgery will be made collaboratively, between you, your family, primary care doctor, and myself.

Total knee replacement is surgery to replace the damaged part of your knee joint with an artificial implant.

It is an effective procedure to relieve pain, and restore mobility/function so you can resume normal activities.

X-rage image showing a total knee replacement
X-ray image showing a total knee replacement

Watch this video on The Surgical Procedure for Total Knee Replacement

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What are the indications for knee replacement?

Patients who have some, if not all of the following symptoms would benefit from a total knee replacement:

  • Pain that prevents you from performing everyday activities, including walking, climbing stairs and leisure activities/hobbies.
  • Pain even at rest, especially at night preventing you from sleeping
  • Progressive knee deformity (bowing in or out)
  • Failure of non-surgical treatments.


It is important to have realistic expectations following total knee replacement. Although this procedure has been performed for many decades with successful outcomes, there are some limitations. Significant improvements in pain and function can be expected following surgery, but it will not allow you to function at a level when your knee was completely normal.

Realistic activities following total knee replacement include unlimited walking, swimming, golf, driving, biking, and other low-impact sports.

Knee replacement risks and potential complications video

Reproduced with permission from Visual Health Solutions. © 2022 Visual Health Solutions

For more information on what to expect after your joint replacement surgery:

– click to download After Your Joint Replacement Surgery handout.


Total Knee Replacement


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